Longer Rides

Longer rides tend to take place over the weekend when riders have more time to go further afield.  As you’d expect the longer rides attract experienced riders who are looking to maintain a higher average speed and there is often some serious climbing thrown in.

Like all club rides they are available to all members but please check the distance, anticipated average speed, climbs and if the ride is a ‘no-drop ride’ before you commit. Members always look out for each other but don’t sign up for an 80-mile ride with a proposed average speed of 18mph if you can’t maintain that pace up over that distance.

The Club also organizes several rides during the year where transport takes riders to starting points like Edinburgh for riders to cycle back to South Shields. These rides are sold on a first come first served ticket bases so please check the website and Facebook for any upcoming rides like this.

For further details of all planned rides visit the Events section of the club Facebook page.



A typical long ride

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